(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What does Joshua Path do?

We produce videos to help missionaries raise support.

2. Why video?

With today’s technology, why not video? There are a few reasons: 1) Because video helps missionaries show their donors where funding is going and how it is helping, and 2) Imagine being able to “see” first hand what a missionary does and what their lives are like. A photograph may be worth 1,000 words but video brings the mission field to you. Imagine seeing things like a child smiling when they get a new pair of shoes or food to eat, or how happy the pregnant teen is knowing she has a “safe” place to live, or seeing piranhas caught for food in the Amazon River, or seeing an old man accept Christ for the first time then transform his village to a community of Christians. You get the idea.

3. What are some of Joshua Path’s needs?

We have a lot of needs but our two greatest are 1) we need prayer support. We travel to some remote and desolate areas of the world. Some of the places we go to are dangerous, and 2) we need funding. We can’t do what we need to do without financial help from folks like you. Money is a sensitive topic but ministry does cost.

4. What can I do?

  • Pray for us.
  • Spread the word about us using social media like Facebook or twitter.
  • Become our fan on Facebook.
  • Checkout our Youtube Channel and share our videos with others

5. What if I want to do more?

If you want to do more then give something financially. Imagine if you and your friends just gave $5 monthly. We’re talking about giving up one Starbucks coffee, a Subway footlong sandwich, or a value meal from McDonald’s, etc…and we’re ONLY talking about one a month…every 30 days. This is a great way to give without breaking your budget. Missionaries sacrifice a lot. We all could give up a cup of coffee or pack lunch one day.

6. Do your videos cost a lot to produce?

Honestly, it depends on so many factors like location, transportation, time, etc…We produce one video or video series at a time. Our goal is to raise enough support so we can give missionaries “free” videos.

7. What is the most exciting place you have ever been?

Each and every place we travel has its own merits and we have loved them all.

8. Can you come share with my church or business more about Joshua Path?

Yes, we would be happy to come and share. Contact us and let us know what you have in mind.

9. If I have a missionary friend that needs a video what should I tell them?

Share with them our website and have them contact us directly and we’ll take care the rest.

10. Do you ever do church or ministry videos?

Sure, as long as they are Christian based.

11. How much do your videos financially help an organization or missionary?

Our impact varies.  To give you an example: a few of our videos were used in marketing campaigns that helped one organization raise over $1.5 million. It just depends on how our videos are used and how touched people are after watching them.